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Birth Totem - Woodpecker - June 21st - July 21st


Birth and Animal Totem: Woodpecker (June 21st - July 21st).

Moon: Strong sun moon.

Season Aspect: Long days time.

Wind Relation: South winds.

Directional Relation: South-south-east.

Element Relation: Water.

Elemental clan: Frog clan.

Plant totem: Wild rose.

Mineral totem: Rose quartz.

Polarity with: Goose.

Color Aspect: Rose.

Musical vibration: F natural.

Personality: Emotional, vulnerable but protective.

Spiritual energy: Masculine energy.

Emotions: Protective, wanting to protect.

Positive traits: Tender and sympathetic.

Negative traits: Moody, often unforgiving.

Compatibilities: Snakes, wolves, beavers.

Conscious Desire: Emotional stability.

Subconscious desire: Accomplishment.

Spiritual Path: Fitting in with the greater good.

Strengths: Resourcefulness, self acceptance and forgiveness.

Weakness: Self-pity, Envy and relying to heavily on others.

Keywords: Sensitive, compassionate, devoted, intuitive, nurturing, hyper-emotional.


Birth Totem - Woodpecker - June 21st - July 21st

Birth Totem Woodpecker is one who is deeply devoted to loved ones, be they friend, family member or lover. When operating solely from the emotional center, the primary focus for woodpecker is to be utterly devoted to another, perhaps even at the expense of the self. By focusing their love so completely "outside" of themselves, the individual with birth totem woodpecker seeks to find validation in the love and acceptance of their beloved. When that love is reciprocated, then woodpecker believes him/herself to be happy, yet when the love of another toward her undergoes any change, however subtle, she is once more faced with the truth from which she cannot escape - true happiness is a gift we can never receive from another, it is a present that we give to our self.

It is believed that woodpeckers thrumming drum roll against a tree, is the heartbeat of the Earth Mother. It is also said that woodpecker calls the thunder from the sky with the same rhythmic knocking. Mimicking his beat with drum or rattle, the Shaman induces a state wherein he/she may cross planes (dimensions) to converse with the animal totems, the ancestors and to ride on the wind of great mystery to see what lies ahead or to tap into the powerful medicine of the totems. When woodpecker bores into a tree in search of the beetles and insects which provide her sustenance, she uses her beak and head to drum out the holes and uncover her meal. This symbolizes the need for one with birth totem woodpecker to gain emotional perspective, to learn when detachment is needed, to literally use her head instead of recklessly following her heart. This is the process of integrating the emotional center with that of the mind/physical, and a challenging task for one as sensitive and prone to bouts of overwhelming emotion as he. Yet when true discernment can be found, learning when to give freely, and learning when another is merely tapping a life sustaining vein without returning energy, then woodpecker may find the rhythm of his own true heartbeat, and make the leap across planes to greet an integrated self.

Birth Totem Woodpecker 

June 21 - July 21

Sensitive ~ Emotional ~ Protective

Birth Totem Woodpecker is the most nurturing of the animal symbols, the consummate listener, totally empathic and understanding. The primary focus for Woodpecker is to be completely devoted to another, even at the expense of the self. When Woodpecker bores into a tree in search of insects for food, she uses her beak and head to drum out the holes and uncover her meal. This symbolizes to us, to gain emotional perspective, to learn detachment, and to use our head instead of recklessly following our heart.

Woodpecker is a domestic and sensitive creature, highly influenced by emotions. Birth Totem Woodpecker people are very devoted to family, friends or lovers. They operate solely from their emotional centers.

By focusing their love so completely outside of themselves, this individual seeks validation in the love and acceptance of their loved ones. When this love is reciprocated, Woodpecker Totem believes themselves to be happy, but when it is not, they learn that true happiness cannot come from the outside.

Woodpecker Totem people have a hard time letting go of relationships and situations of the heart, which is one of the most difficult experiences for people to learn. This also coincides with their strong paternal/maternal instincts.

These people require a comfortable and harmonious home in which their lives are centered. Sometimes those with this Totem can become bitter if unable to share their home with someone. They need to serve their devotions to feel complete in their energy.

In spring, the loud calls of Woodpeckers often amplified by drumming on hollow wood are the sounds of males holding territories. Woodpeckers defend their territory aggressively. Those with this Totem need to be in control of their personal environment and will not tolerate others trying to change it. Although personal space is very important for Woodpecker Totem people, control issues can sometimes be a problem.

Although to the outside world, Totem Woodpecker people may appear to be hard and cold; those who get to know Woodpecker people feel warm and cared for. Woodpecker people have high emotions and will often play upon sympathy. These sensitive and imaginative people can be unforgiving and moody but are protective and tender as well.

People born under the Woodpecker Totem need safety, security, and are often cautious because of their extreme sensitivity to their surroundings and the ability to see deeper than the surface.

Woodpeckers have barbed tongues and strong chiseled beaks that symbolize life lessons associated with discernment and proper use of speech for those with this Totem. They also drum their beat perched high on a tree, symbolizing that you must find your own rhythm in life.

The process of integrating the emotional center with the mind and physical center is a challenge for those with Woodpecker Totem. When true discernment can be found, learning when to give freely, and learning when another is merely taking and not returning energy, then Totem Woodpecker will find their own rhythm in life.

Woodpecker energy represents self-discovery. The Woodpecker is able to find food hidden under layers of bark and wood and teaches you to dig deeply to find truth and deceptions. Woodpecker is telling you that even if something seems difficult to do, not to give up.

Woodpecker reminds you to look within with balance and attention. Woodpecker's call is like the drumbeat of the heart, awakening the spirit into action. Listen to the Woodpecker's drumming rhythms and hear his voice, then feel the rhythm of life all around you. It is telling you to fine-tune your own inner-song, for music is everywhere ~ just sing yours into existence!

Those with this Totem often find that their path in life will not always conform to society's standards and that their personal unique rhythm needs to be honored. Woodpeckers teach you to honor your personal truth and move through life with perseverance and inner-strength. By staying grounded in your pursuits, your goals can be obtained.

Woodpecker people are able to ride the flow of life and to receive in silence. They are gentle, sensitive and dreamy folks who tend to both absorb and reflect things around them. They are here to learn more independence and stability.


  • Birth Dates: June 21 - July 21
  • Clan: Frog
  • Constructive Qualities: Frugal, Resourceful and Organized
  • Conscious Objective: Dedication
  • Spiritual Path: Integration of the Emotional Self
  • Strengths: Caring, Devoted and Very Romantic 
  • Key Words: Insightful, Nurturing, Hyper-Emotional, Responsive and Compassionate



Birth Totem Woodpecker Flower Essence

This Flower Essence supports us in experiencing that others are truly cared for when we care for ourselves. Many of us experience relationships where another's personal needs or expectations were more important than our own. We may find ourselves dreading certain interactions because we feel the need to take of the other. If others expect us to do things we are not comfortable doing, we may find our inner state of being less than peaceful or loving. With this Flower Essence we can face and resolve any situation, whether it means a change of heart or a change in our action.


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