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Welcome to the world of MyPowerAnimals.org where you can explore with Alexandriah Stahr the power and magic of bringing your power animals into your everyday life as spiritual guides and teachers. They can provide an inner sense of companionship that fills the void of alienation of modern day life.  They will delight your inner child and make you feel happy just thinking about them once you have gone through the Power Animal Retrieval Process with Lord Sananda and Rev. Alexandriah Stahr. They also act as personal guides and teachers and will help you reconnect with the wonder, beauty and balance of nature both within yourself and your outer environment. 

There are many books and much information about power animals on the internet and we will start with answering some common questions that everyone asks and should know as they explore this subject.  After we cover these basics, Alexandriah will bring some new insights into this fascinating field of spirituality that has been given to her from Lord Sananda and her own Personal Power Animals.

First of all, what are Power Animals?  A power animal is an energy pattern that exists in the spiritual realms, more specifically, the spiritual animal kingdom.  This energy pattern appears in animal form and expresses the characteristics or abilities that the animal form represents. We all have Power Animals and they are connected to us as protectors, guides, healers and teachers. Power Animals most often come to us in dreams, meditations, initiations and visions. They are protector spirits that help us in our daily life and in our spiritual search for balance and harmony. They can be our closest ally in life and in spiritual practices. Power animals are an essential part of Shamanic Practice. They are the helping spirit which adds to the power of the shaman and are essential for success in any venture undertaken by the shaman.

Personal Power Animals or Totem Animals represent the inherent qualities and abilities in the person that they act as spirit guide to. These Power Animals are a reflection of our innermost self, representing the qualities that one needs in this world but are often hidden from ourselves.  In other words, we attract what we are in the form of an Animal Spirit Guide. We can have more than one Power Animal and in fact there is no set number of Power Animals that any one individual can have.  We each have a number of Power Animals, as they are energy patterns of natural abilities and potentials that are inherent within us.  As you connect with and reclaim your Power Animals, you may become aware that some of your Power Animals have been with you before and have traveled with you from lifetime to lifetime.

In the shamanic belief every thing is alive and carries with it power and wisdom.  The rocks, the earth, the sky, the waters, the plants and the animals are all different expressions of Creation in different realms and realities. Any living creature can serve as a power animal. They can be mammals, birds, fish or water creatures, reptiles, insects or even mystical creatures such as unicorns or dragons. Plants and trees can serve as plant kingdom spirit guides as well.  Although a Power Animal appears as a specific animal to us, it may not really be a specific animal, but instead, embodies the energies and characteristics of the entire animal species.  When you call upon the power of an animal, you are asking to be one with the essence of that creature and to express its strengths and abilities as the animal’s strength and abilities also reflects human characteristics that are also within you. For example, if I need to intensify my clairvoyant ability, I may call on Owl to look deeply into an issue or situation that I am dealing with. What I am doing is asking that that ability be intensified within me.

Types of Animal Guides

A Personal Power (Life) Animal Guide is also called a Spirit Guide as it comes to you when you are born and remains with you throughout your life whether you acknowledge or call upon him or not.  Personal Power Animals reflect your innermost spiritual self or your true self and is a constant reminder of your inherent gifts and abilities.

A Journey Animal Guide appears at a fork in the road of your life. When a decision needs to be made to follow a certain path in life, the Journey Guide is there to serve as a guide along the way.  It represents a path that may take months or years to complete.  It can be a friendly traveling companion if the path is right.  If you become lost along the way, the Journey Guide is there to help lead the way back. A Journey Guide is there until the journey is complete. The Journey Guide is there to help you through the changes you encounter on your new path.

A Shadow Animal Guide is traditionally described as a Power Animal that is either one that you are afraid of or that is there to teach you about something negative in your life.  I have another perspective on this. Whenever I come across an Animal Spirit that appears aggressive or wounded in some way, I treat it like any other energy of an apparent negative nature.  I heal it first and ask questions afterwards.  There is no reason for you to accept an animal spirit at face value just because it shows up.  What I have found is that  this animal may represent a past life where the person was killed by this animal or that the animal may represent a wounded aspect of the self that needs to be healed and can be healed when the animal first shows up. I Teach this technique to both heal and discern Power Animals when they first come forward and reveal themselves.  Either way, I would suggest that animal spirits pass the test of discernment the same as any other type of Spirit Guide.

A Messenger Guide quickly comes into your life and leaves once a message is understood. The length of time that the Messenger Guide stays in your awareness is relative to you seeing and accepting the message. The message may be a warning or maybe a wake-up call for some important action that you must take. The Messenger Guide is neither positive nor negative. There is no permanent tie or relationship to the Messenger Guide, they are simply messengers.

These first four Power Animals described are traditionally accepted. The following Power Animals are two additional types of Power Animals that I have experienced in my own work.

A White Power Animal Guide is a very special and powerful Power Animal to have. Although all Power Animals are in the spiritual realms, there are many levels of spiritual reality. White Power Animals represent the Christ Vibration. White Power Animals represent the highest of spiritual teachings and the highest frequencies of the Ascension Path. White Power Animals represent animal companions and guides to White Shamans or those that work on the side of the Christ Light during this time of the Planetary Ascension. They are the friend and Power Animals of the White Shaman or White Magician who works on issues of the soul rather than physical or mundane concerns.  White Power Animals, as the White Shamans they serve, represent the healers of the healers and the teachers of the teachers of their species. White Power Animals represent the ascended version of the animal it represents and the ascended energy patterns of the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Animal Kingdom. Stay tuned, there will be more information released on this website in the coming months about these special beings.

Imposter Power Animals are simply negative energies masquerading as a Power Animal and should be subject to spiritual discernment as any other Spirit Guide that presents itself to you.  If the energy of the animal does not seem right to you for any reason, offer it a healing first, if it does not accept it or it has no effect then banish it from your sight in the Name of the Christ Light..

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